Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The oak in green (and orange) and flower

Yes the leaves are here now. Green green green. Can it really be this green? The answer is yes, when it's seen in the springtime April light. But oaks at this time of year sometimes start almost orange. Here is another oak not far away. You can follow the green oak back from the autumn of last year in Nick's own more eccentric blog. http://oak-in-autumn.blogspot.com/

Above is the orange oak.

And on here are the oak flowers. The male ones on long catkins. The female flowers too tiny to be seen on a photo this size. Soon the air will be rich with oak pollen.

And here are some more pics. The leaning trees in a shot that captures the look of the New Forest at this time of year where the green of oak and beech among the dark trunks seems almost brighter than the sky.

An amazing cherry tree in blossom in Germany. Finally beach leaf come out just new and bright. Those browney bits that used to be around the bud are now scattered along the edges of all the New Forest roadst. You can eat young beech leaves at this stage, taste a bit like sorrel.

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