Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The tree on our stream

April 23rd
The bushes are really green, the poplar leaves are about half open and the buds on our tree have turned into frothy brownish flowers (maybe someone can tell what sort of tree it is now). The birds are singing like mad, but I haven't heard or seen the woodpecker yet this spring, hope it's still around.
April 18th
No obvious change. You can see groups of buds at the end of the branches, but it's not yet clear what sort of tree it is (you expect us to know? we've only lived here for ten years).

The building on the left is the next-door house, and behind it is the brewery. The glass pyramid that they copied from the Louvre, houses a well where they've drilled down 200 metres to access particularly pure water for brewing.

On the right is an office building with a little patch of lawn in front of it.

April 15th
The tree looks much the same, the stream is still down. The Germans are so efficient, they empty this mill stream about every 18 months and walk through looking for and fixing potential leaking spots. It always seems eerily quiet when the stream's not rushing by.

The stream is syphoned off the Isar river upstream near the zoo, and put back in again in the centre of town. The stream's even still got a working mill on it that generates electricity.

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