Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Wiltshire Chestnut - March 29 to April 8

March 29: This is a chestnut. Amazing tree. About as big as the New Forest Oak but, I imagine, not half as old. Two hundred years maybe, compared to the oak's 5 or 6 hundred. Interesting to see where the forest oak has grazing animals around it, it's branches stop about 5 or 6 feet above the ground. This chestnut however goes right down to the ground.

Here's one of the amazing sticky buds.

April 1: or thereabouts. You can just see the green. Click on the pic to see it large if you don't believe me!

Then the snow came. But look how far the bud has changed.

Now you can see the leaf beneath the snow. And I imagine the thing below the leaf will become a flowering chestnut spike in a week or so

April 8: Yes the green is there. Isn't spring wonderful!

These pictures were taken by Mary. Another Tree Watcher. Email if you would like to join the tree watch and post pics of your tree as it changes.

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